Yamaha P95 review

Have you been looking for an affordable, high-quality digital piano that will set your playing on fire? Then look no further because the Yamaha P95 digital piano is the instrument you’ve been looking for!

The Yamaha P95 gives you dynamic, high-quality sound, natural piano touch and the type of response you expect from a quality digital piano. Combine these important elements with the quality in-built speaker system and its light weight (only 12kg) and you have an exceptionally affordable instrument that’s always ready to play when you are.

The keyboard of the Yamaha P95 looks and feels like an acoustic piano. Yamaha uses their Graded Hammer Standard technology, which gives the lower notes a heavier feel whilst the higher notes are more responsive to a lighter touch. The beauty of this system is that the sensitivity of the keyboard can be user-adjusted to better match your own individual playing style. The matte finish of the black keys gives the piano a very authentic and stylish look. It comes with a sustain footswitch, but an optional sustain pedal unit is available.

Yamaha p95 reviews

yamaha p95 reviews

Dynamic stereo sampling using Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) system produces one of the best sounding digital pianos on the market today, it really sounds like an acoustic grand! The AWM system creates the realism of an acoustic piano by sampling the individual notes of the original instrument across a range of playing strengths. High-quality digital filtering technology is then used to alter the output sound in relation to the strength of the playing to produce high expression. Light playing sounds soft and forth playing really brings out the attack and boldness of the piano’s sound.

It fits the Yamaha P95 piano with a built-in stereo amplifier rated at 6W rms per channel, and high quality 12 x 6cm loudspeakers reproduce the sound with exceptional clarity considering their compact size. If you don’t want to disturb anyone while you’re playing, there are two headphone jacks for completely private playing. If you use digital recording software on your computer or you need to connect to another instrument, it fits the piano with MIDI in/out sockets. This will enable you to use the piano as a controller keyboard, or use its voices controlled from your software.

The P95 digital piano features a large selection of commonly used voices including acoustic grand and electric pianos, organs, a harpsichord and vibraphone, string section, and choir. All the sounds have been recorded with the utmost attention to detail to give you the very best experience with your playing. If you need to keep time, the piano has a built-in metronome.

Another feature of the Yamaha P95 digital piano is the ability to record one of your own tunes. There are also 50 preset piano ‘songs’ built in to the instrument that you can listen to. Many of them are classic pieces, which is fantastic if you’re a student because you can use them for reference, or you can just sit back and enjoy them.

Yamaha p95

The Yamaha P95 is a superb instrument that will give you pleasure for many years to come. It can be purchased from Instrumentpro, the web’s premier musical instrument, and accessories retailer. They’ve been serving musicians online for years, and their service is second to none.

The Yamaha P95 is one of the most versatile digital piano/MIDI controller hybrids, and it can be found at a very reasonable price. I recommend it for players of all skill levels, but is a great choice for someone who is always on the road.

The main characteristics of this digital piano are 88 keys, 64 note polyphony, metronome, different velocity settings, and the possibility to use reverb. Also, the P95 is available in 2 colors: black and silver. Another important detail is that the AC adapter is not always included (depending on the retailer) and also that this model has no USB connectivity (which is perhaps the biggest disadvantage if you want to start recording right away), so both AC and MIDI-USB adapters must be purchased separately. Even if the two jacks can be used to connect the piano to a computer, generally this alternative is not as widely used as the USB cable. First of all, a hybrid of this particular type implies that the piano has no pre-made rhythms (or backing tracks), this characteristic being very common with MIDI controllers (which are mostly used for recording). The P95 is well balanced between the live and the recording performance, while also having 50 installed songs (by different famous composers), thus making it a versatile instrument regardless of the pianist’s needs.

The Yamaha P95 has 2 built in speakers which are perfect for studying or monitoring a home recording, but as all lightweight digital pianos, it requires further amplification for any kind of live performance or rehearsals.

Even if this model is a hybrid, it still has a sufficient variety of voices (2 pianos, 2 organs, strings etc) for live use, while also having the MIDI controller advantage of using digital plug-ins that can produce any desired sound.  Most of preset voices are of great quality, thus the overall sound of the P95 being a good one, a particularity that can only add to its great feel (can be easily compared to a new contemporary piano).

The Yamaha P95 also comes with a sustain pedal and a removable sheet music rest, but the bundle package (which costs a little more but is nonetheless very practical) includes a keyboard stand, a pair of stereo headphones, a 3 pedal unit, a dust cover and a theory book.

To sum up, this particular digital piano/MIDI controller is a well balanced, cost effective and elegant instrument that can be used by both beginners and professionals and on all music genres.

Yamaha is always on the forefront of the latest technology. A Yamaha weighted keyboard doesn’t just have weighted keys, but they have hammer-action weighted keys which feel like a real acoustic piano. The feel of the keys are so authentic, you’ll never want to go back to the large bulky upright acoustic pianos that cost hundreds of dollars a year to maintain with tuning and moving. A Yamaha weighted keyboard will save money, space and has more options than an acoustic piano such as headphones, integrated metronome, recording, rhythms, lots of great high quality Yamaha Keyboard sounds and even more.

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