The Best Roland Portable Piano Keyboards

The Best Roland Portable Piano Keyboards

Roland is another music instrument giant, the digital piano keyboards of which are to be reckoned with. The synthesizers and digital pianos from Roland are not only world-famous but also are preferred by professional musicians when they will to create and make the best music.

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Founded in 1972, Roland Corporation is based in Japan and has bases in Taiwan and Italy. It was in 1978 that Roland manufactured Jupiter 4, which was the company’s first self-contained polyphonic synthesizer. In the first half of the 1980s, Roland produced Jupiter 6 and XJ-3P which were synthesizers that were based in MIDI. The popularity of the brand grew by leaps and bounds and encouraged the company to ensure that the quality products are manufactured for the customers. Roland Corporation has followed the trend to date and therefore has a lion’s share in the digital piano keyboard market.


1.Roland GO: KEYS 61-key

  • Fun and inspiring keyboard for beginning musicians
  • Loop Mix allows you to build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard
  • Manipulate the sounds of your loops with intuitive one-touch control
  • Bluetooth audio/MIDI support for connecting with your smartphone or tablet
  • Over 500 pro-quality sounds: pianos, synths, strings, brass, brass, and more


2.Roland GO: PIANO 88-Key Full Size Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

  • Premium piano performance in a compact, portable and affordable instrument
  • 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard spacing includes piano tone with 128-voice polyphony
  • Roland has partnered with Skoove to offer customers three months of free online piano lessons, with unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses on your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Compact and lightweight for playing and storing anywhere
  • Fully wireless operation with battery power and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth MIDI support for advanced music lessons with your smartphone or tablet
  • Metronome, transpose and recording features support daily practice
  • Play anytime with built-in speakers, battery operation and headphones
  • Affordable and easy-to-carry second piano for experienced players
  • Onboard high-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smartphone connection. Includes sustain pedal, power adaptor, and music rest


3.Roland FP-30 88-key Portable Digital Keyboard

  • Rich, responsive tone from Roland renowned supernatural piano sound engine
  • 88-Note Phat-4 standard keyboard provides authentic piano touch for maximum expression
  • Powerful amplifier and stereo speakers deliver impressive sound
  • Headphones output and quiet keyboard action allow you to enjoy playing at any time without disturbing others
  • Optional matching stand and three-pedal unit provide a classic piano look and Enhanced functionality, including hands-free page turning with some sheet music apps
  • Compact and lightweight body for easy mobility in and out of the home, studio, or classroom
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity for using the piano with popular apps on your smartphone or tablet such as GarageBand, piascore, sheet music direct, and many others
  • Broaden your musical experience with dual/Split modes and a wide selection of non-piano sounds like organ, strings, voices, drums, and more
  • Twin piano Mode is ideal for lessons, letting student and teacher play side by side in the same octave ranges
  • Connect USB memory to save songs you’ve captured with the onboard SMF recorder and play along with your favorite WAV and SMF songs


4.Roland Juno DS-88 Synthesizer Bundle

  • Gig-ready instrument with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, and battery-powered operation
  • 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard provides weighted-action feel in a lightweight design that’s easy to transport
  • Includes all the sounds from the popular JUNO-Di, plus newly updated acoustic and electric pianos, additional organs, and other stage essentials
  • Easy sound manipulation and editing with hands-on knobs and sliders
  • Eight Phrase Pads for triggering samples and audio songs stored on USB memory

5.Roland JUNO-DS 61-Key Lightweight Synth-Action Keyboard

  • Lightweight, gig-ready instrument with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, and battery-powered operation
  • Includes all the sounds from the popular JUNO-Di, plus newly updated acoustic and electric pianos, additional organs, and other stage essentials
  • The wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Roland’s Axial website
  • Sample import function for playing user WAV files on the JUNO-DS61’s keyboard
  • Intuitive eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas; USB audio/MIDI and DAW Control mode


6.Roland JD-XI 37-Key Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

  • Warm and rich analog sounds
  • Crystal clear digital timbres
  • Vocoder and effects
  • Easy programming

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