Roland Go: Keys Digital Piano Reviews 2020

Roland Go: Keys Digital Piano Reviews 2020

The  Roland GO: KEYS, also called the  Roland GO-61K, is equipped with 61 light, velocity-sensitive keys. Like every piano from Roland, it is a good electric piano to learn to the piano. The special thing about this piano is two highlights that have it all.

Because the  Roland GO: KEYS  offers over 500 first-class, high-quality sounds. Starting with acoustic and electric pianos to synthesizers, strings, and brass. Even basses and drums are included.

On the other hand, the Roland GO: KEYS  also has a built-in loop mix function. So a song can be built up playfully. You start with the drums, then chords, bass, and other voices are added. A lot of fun while playing is guaranteed.

Roland GO:PIANO Цифровое фортепиано (GO-61P) купить, цена

Roland Go: Piano – Overview

Available since: 07.2017
Keyboard: 61 keys, box shape with Ivory Feel
Polyphony: 128 voices
Sound generation: Sampling
Scope of delivery: power supply, music holder
Special features: Bluetooth, USB, learning functions with piano partner app
Manufacturer / Distribution : Roland

  • The Roland Go: Piano is perfectly placed wherever there is actually no space for a digital piano.
  • With Bluetooth, 128-fold polyphonic sound generation, and the connection to the “Piano Partner” app, the Go: Piano offers a lot of modern equipment for little money.
  • The Go: Piano is conditionally suitable as an instrument for learning piano, as it has only 61 slightly weighted keys. There is no hammer mechanism.

Learn piano on a keyboard? Not really! The Roland Go: Piano closes the gap between the keyboard and portable piano. It only has a 61 key keyboard, but the little Go: Piano can impress with its box-shape keys, many modern features, and, last but not least, at a very affordable price.


Roland Go: Keys Specs

  • 61 Ivory feel Box-Shape velocity-sensitive keys
  • 128-Voice polyphony
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • MIDI format compliant with GM2
  • Over 500 sounds
  • Multi-Effects / Chorus / Reverb
  • Transpose function
  • Over 12 loop mix sets
  • Over 672 patterns (12 sets x 56 patterns)
  • 10 Performance pads
  • Functions: Bender: Pitch Bend / Modulation Effect: Roll / Filter
  • Recorder: Standard MIDI Files – Format 0
  • LC display
  • 2 Speakers with 2.5 W each
  • Battery operation possible
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 877 x 271 x 82 mm
  • Connectors: Phones out, AUX-in, Pedal, USB to host
  • Weight without power supply: 3.9 kg
  • Includes power adapter (PSD-230 EU)

Roland Go: Piano – play the piano anytime, anywhere

The Roland Go: Piano is perfectly placed wherever there is actually no space for a digital piano. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to stow and, with a weight of just under 4 kg, easy to transport. All of this is made possible by a plastic housing which, despite its lightweight construction, makes a fairly stable impression. It is also practical that the Go: Piano can be played anywhere with replaceable AA batteries.


Keyboard with 61 keys

If you want to learn the classical piano, this is of course the wrong place. There is no hammer mechanism, the keys are only lightly weighted: You don’t even need to expect an authentic feel here. Nevertheless, the box-shape keys can convey at least a piano-like feel, which is also supported by the ivory-feel surface. In fact, the keys play nice and easy to grip, which beginners are sure to find pleasant. The touch sensitivity can be adjusted in three stages and also completely deactivated.


Roland GO: PIANO - Mini electric piano for beginners (Image source: Roland)

Roland Go: Piano with 88 keys

The Roland Go: Piano-88 will be released in April 2019. It is not constructed exactly like the Go: Piano-61, which can be seen from the missing display. The 88 Go is otherwise equipped with the same box shape buttons as the small model. The sound selection is much smaller on the 88, but for the beginning, it is definitely an interesting alternative to the Go: Piano.


Good sounds, high polyphony

The Go: Piano sounds bigger than it looks! With the polyphony performance with 128 voices, you are on the safe side, and the sounds can please. The acoustic piano sounds sound nice and warm and create a broad stereo image. In addition to the 10 acoustic piano sounds, there are other keyboard sounds. The Wurlitzer e-piano is really fun because it can be played very dynamically, just like the funky-sounding clavinet. The electric piano modeled after a Fender Rhodes, on the other hand, may seem a bit breathless, but overall the sound quality is quite good here. The organ sounds, scat vocals, and vibraphones are also great.


Small piano with modern features


The Go: Piano is equipped with Bluetooth and enables wireless audio playback via the built-in speakers or connected headphones. Ideal for playing with the Go: Piano along with a playback. Or you can combine the Go: Piano with Roland’s piano app “Piano Partner” to use the versatile learning functions. Playback songs with your smartphone, learn piano with internet apps or display notes with the professional piano partner app, and jam to rhythm accompaniments. You can also use Bluetooth to listen to learning videos from your smartphone using the Go: Piano, for example, in order to play along with the video – all of this is possible with the Go: Piano.

Playing the piano on the go with the Roland Go: Piano

The Go: Piano is suitable as a small portable keyboard that can easily be connected to an audio laptop or iPad. Practical if you want to make music on the go with more complex music programs. A USB port and an audio input are available for combination with a piano VST or piano app.

As a MIDI master keyboard for importing into the sequencer, the Go: Piano also offers a handy keyboard for advanced players. There is also an audio output to connect the Go: Piano to a mixer or amplifier.

Learn piano online: Songs and piano lessons can be wirelessly transmitted to the Roland Go: Piano speakers via Bluetooth
Learn piano online: Songs and piano lessons can be played over the internal speakers – wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth!

Main Features of the Roland Go: Keys digital piano

roland go keys digital piano

The speakers
The Roland Go: Keys digital piano has great speakers that will please you and improve your mood. The speakers are well covered with the perforated plastic that is used for the rest of the body.

No disappointments should be expected with the speakers, as the sounds perforate properly. Better headphones can also help you achieve the dedicated to sound.

Availability of multiple sounds
The Roland Go: Keys digital piano features over 500 sounds created by Juno Ds and other great Roland synthesizers. Therefore, the user has several user options to choose from, e.g. B. responsive drums, bass instruments, and other related features that can make the overall piano experience enjoyable. The function prefers lovers of sounds accompanied by various instrumentals.

Sound effects
The Roland Go: Keys digital piano has a well-developed reverb. Reverb is not as complicated as other sound functions because it is reproduced naturally as you play.

The reverb sound effect in particular brings the sounds effectively into an enclosed space. Its first pad acts as a low pass filter and helps to reduce the high frequencies. The remaining four pads are high pass filters. They eliminate the bass frequencies and improve the threshold for each of the subsequent pads.

Recording function
Anything you do that makes you happy can start you looking for ways that they can show up again in the future. The recording is done by recording the loop mix mode and the lead voice.

You can also keep the selected items in the keyboard’s internal memory. The estimate shows that they can stay for around 100 days, which is indeed plenty of time.

Roland GO Piano - портативное фортепиано с искуственным интеллектом от  Amazon

Free subscription
As part of the customer service, the piano offers a 3-month free subscription to redeem. Skoove is a learning app that allows the user to learn how to play music on the piano. The training takes place via a tablet or a computer.

It is possible because Skoove enables learning through notes, chords, and scales. The feature is of great benefit to first-time users, making it easier to develop their skills within a reasonable period of time.

The Bluetooth
If you prefer to control things wirelessly, this can be a good solution. The piano has Bluetooth MIDI controls. This allows you to control the existing MIDI devices without touching them comfortably. The function is possible with the help of DAWs such as the Garage Band.

The feature also helps alleviate the common difficulties encountered when moving around with devices. You don’t have one to carry lots of cables. The Bluetooth connection is very efficient and effective. The reliability rate is also high as it has never disappointed in the past.

GO:PIANO | Digital Piano (GO-61P) - Roland

The piano comes with an instruction manual and a power supply unit. The manual contains theoretical instructions for operating the device. The user manual is essential in the early stages, especially if the user is a novice.

Additional things that will be needed are the piano table and the stool. They significantly improve your comfort when playing. Unfortunately, the stool and piano table may require you to purchase them separately as they are not part of the package.

Roland Go: Keys Vs. Go: Piano


The Roland manufacturers point out that the Go: Keys are primarily designed for beginners who have a passion for music and want to create their music but do not require formal training.

In contrast, The Go: Piano is designed for those who want to learn how to play the piano without prior experience.

1. Video Recording – Once you feel like your playing has improved and you feel like sharing with loved ones, Roland Go: Piano has it all. You can easily record videos with your smartphone by plugging your smartphone and the Go: Piano into the Go: Mixer.

The connection allows you to capture the incredible sound of the piano in your video while recording. Compared to Roland Go: Keys Piano, which does not offer a video recording function.

2. Learning with online songs and piano lessons – Roland’s Go: Piano offers you an excellent opportunity for a simple and compact learning solution. You can connect your smartphone to the piano wirelessly via Bluetooth. After that, you can enjoy unlimited online content and piano lessons that will improve your study skills.

Learning becomes more comfortable, faster, and fun. Because you can practice your favorite songs with the help of tutorials. Compared to Roland Go: Keys, where you can only select one song at a time and choose the sound from the 500 Sounds Quality Pro without piano lessons.

3. Sound Generator – The Roland Go: Piano releases music with a clear natural sound produced by the Roland manufacturer’s premium digital pianos. In contrast to Roland Go: Keys with more than 500 ready-to-play sounds, which are produced with pianos of the manufacturer’s Pro-Synthesizer type.

4. Accessories – Some accessories must be included with the purchase of the pianos, including stands and pedals. In Roland Go: Piano the pedals are not included in the package, unlike in Roland Go: Keys, where the sustain pedals are included.


Conclusion: Smart beginner piano, not just for beginners …

The Go: Piano, with its 61 keys, is not aimed at those who want to learn the piano in the most authentic way possible. Rather, the Go: Piano is a recommendation for everyone who wants a flexible and compact instrument to discover the joy of playing the piano.

The Roland GO: KEYS is a recommendation for anyone looking for a good entry-level piano with lots of sounds. But it is also a recommendation for everyone who wants to experience piano playing as a playful journey of discovery. Even advanced players who want to develop songs on it, for example, will have fun with it.


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