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A Lagrima Piano is a more affordable option when learning to practice your piano skills. This piano will be a great way to transition to an acoustic piano after mastering the Lagrima Piano. Of course, you do not have to transition to a different piano but the option is always there to switch to any other piano. There are some great digital features on the Lagrima Piano that an acoustic piano does not have; these include a good selection of tones, volume control, and rhythms. These advanced options are a great fit especially for someone who is learning to play the piano more on their own and want to eventually switch to an acoustic piano option. Overall, this piano choice is a great option when looking for something that has a great selection of features and will not break the bank for more of a first option for playing the piano.

lagrima piano

Best lagrima piano review

Lagrima Piano LAG-590

The Lagrima LAG-590 is a digital piano option that will not break the bank and simple to use. Many reviewers said that having the digital screen really helped make the piano playing experience that much better. Something great when looking into the Ligrima LAG-590 model, is the keys are identical to a standard piano; making this a great choice in authenticity while also saving money. This model is also made to have a digital screen which helps to use the tones that it comes with much easier. Another great feature in this model is that you can record your music and play it back to see how it sounds. This is one of the features that is the most talked about by users of this model; all verified purchases.

One complaint from those who regularly use an acoustic piano is that the keys are much heavier than they need to be. The keys were made heavier to replicate the feeling of an acoustic piano, they missed the mark on exactly how heavy the keys need to be.

This piano would be great for anyone who wants a piano that is equivalent in key heaviness as an acoustic piano. It would also be a great option for anyone who is into the tech side of music and wants to have the digital screen and the ability to record and playback your work.


Lagrima Piano 88 Full Weighted Hammer Heavy Action Key

The Lagrima 88 has keys identical for an acoustic piano as well as the last piano mentioned. This makes it easier to play while learning how different the weighted keys are. One great thing about this piano is that you can also turn off the sensitivity. Also, there is a feature where you can record, and has demo songs to learn from. Something that was not so great about this piano from the reviews is that the instructions are not the easiest directions to read, but reviews said that simply watching a video should fix that issue easily. The only other con of this piano is that the back of the piano is open so you could not put it in the middle of a room, it would have to go against a wall to hide the open backing. Overall this is a pretty great piano choice as far as digital pianos go.

This piano is for anyone who wants to learn to play with the same weighted keys and sensitivity as an acoustic piano. It is also good for kids or someone who is taking classes for piano somewhere else, because you will be able to practice just like on the acoustic piano and it will not take up as much room. The size of this piano would be great for someone who has less room for a piano or just wants one on the smaller side so it does not take up too much space. The smaller size was a hit in the reviews, as it will be a better fit in a smaller space and still has great sound with it.

Lagrima Piano LAG-300 61 Key Portable Electric Keyboard 

  • Full Size 61 Key Keyboard Piano-Designed for beginner to intermediate-level use, this multi-function keyboard piano features 61 keys, providing a traditional piano or organ feel for versatile learning and an exciting acoustic experience.
  • Dual Power Supply for Convenience-This electric piano can be powered by AC/DC power adapter (included in the package/available 110v-240v)or 6 AA batteries (not included) making it perfect for use both in the home and on the road.
  • Multifunctional Beginner Piano Keyboard-LAGRIMA 61 keys piano features record and playback and 3 steps lesson function so that beginners or kids can learn and play the piano more easily and quickly.This piano also has adjusting volume/a rhythm/tempo,sync,sustain etc function.
  • Well Connected-This beginner keyboard features Audio input/Mic/Output jack/DC 9V jack.Audio input can connect your mobile,computer,MP3 to play the music or melody;Mic jack connect micphone(included);Phone/output jack connect headphone and external speaker;DV 9V jack connects power adapter.
  • Product Detail-Let your creativity take over with 128 tones, 128 rhythms and 12 demo songs. Use the optional 8 percussion and drum sound kit to help keep the beat.This electronic keyboard is perfect for beginners and players of all skill levels,can be used by children or adults.

Lagrima Piano LAG-750 61 Key Electric Keyboard Piano

The Lagrima LAG-750 61 has many helpful features for a decent price making this a great first keyboard; as reviews had said. There is not much setup for this keyboard which is great if you are looking for a very quick and easy setup. It has 2 built in speakers that have amazing sound so that you can clearly hear your music in great quality. If you want to record your singing there is also a place that you can plug in a microphone. Although this is a nice feature there are some complaints on the plug in not working as well as they thought, but it was not a huge complaint as most people did not have this issue. This is more of a portable keyboard with a stand that makes it easy to life a chair under and make some music. It would not be the best choice if you are looking for something that will have a nicer look.

The Lagrima LAG-750 61 Key Electric Keyboard Piano would be great for someone’s first starter piano, the size is a big plus and its easy to use with some features that are on the other Lagrima pianos. Reviewers said this was a piano recommended from a piano teacher as a starter piano. Another reason it is great as a starter piano is the keys on the Lagrima LAG-750 61 light up so you can see which keys you are pressing while learning a new song. The feel of the keys aren’t as heavy which is another reason this model is better for someone who is just starting out playing the piano.


Lagrima Piano LG-803 88-Key Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano with Full-Size Weighted Keys 

  • 10 Grade Weight Action Keys – LAGRIMA digital piano features 88 fully weighted hammer action keys,so it is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end(A total of 10 grades),which can give you the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a wonderful playing experience!
  • Bluetooth Remote Control – Smart design with bluetooth function,so you can connect bluetooth first by phone,ipad or other devices,then you can operate this piano very convenience just by remote control or your devices even though you are far from this piano!And you can also use wireless headphones (not included)with this piano!
  • Well Connected – This weight key piano features USB/MIDI/AUDIO/HEADPHONE TERMINAL,MIDI input/out allows you connect computer,table,phone to learn lessons easily;Audio input/output allows you to connect the external speaker;Headphone input(3.5 mm) allows you to connect headphone which can not disturb others’ relax.
  • Quite Mode – This weighted piano with two headphone jacks,you will find them at the bottom of the piano (headphone is not included,headphone jack is 3.5mm),so you don’t worry will disturb others’ relax when you are playing.
  • FEATURE – 3 Pedal System(Soft/Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal)/LCD Display Screen/200 Demo Songs/Dual,802 Tones/400 Rhythms/Built-in Stereo Speakers/Left/Right Hands Mode//Different Instrument Sounds


Lagrima Piano  LAG-560 Full Size Weighted Key Portable Digital Piano

This piano has a more simpler look to it which is a nice touch. While most Lagrima pianos follow a feel in the keys as an acoustic piano, this model follows those of a grand piano. That means that the keys feel much heavier or much lighter than other models of the Lagrima pianos. You can connect your smartphone to the piano so you can hear the music through the speakers making it easier to hear over the music. Another great feature is the 100 rhythms in several different style; this was a hit in the reviews of the Lagrima LAG-560. There are not very many bad reviews which makes this a great choice in model.

If you are looking for a bigger piece for your style this is the better model to pick. It is bigger than other models making it harder to fit in smaller areas. This would not be a good option for a starter piano as the keys are heavier and have the feel for someone who is more experienced. Some reviews do complain about the sound but most reviewers say the sound is great and they have no issues with it.

Lagrima Piano LAG-650 88 Key

This Lagrima piano is the model that most resembles a classic piano. The Lagrima LAG-650 Key piano has a full range of sound as well as having heavy keys that also represent a grand piano. If you are looking for a more affordable way to have close to a grand piano, this is the Lagrima model for you. Like some of the other models, this one also has Bluetooth so you can connect your smart device and hear your own music to match with the sound of the piano keys. To make this more alike to a grand piano there are 3 pedals. This is definitely not a model for someone looking to save space. It is for someone looking for a more grand piano look in their home.

One of the cons is that this Lagrima piano has is that it is hard to put together. So be sure to do your research beforehand so you are not surprised by the level of difficulty in putting it together. Lastly the only other con is that Bluetooth could be easier to figure out. This was not a huge issue but worth mentioning. Other then that, there is not much that reviews did not love about this Lagrima piano model.

Lagrima Piano LAG-640 lagrima 88 key digital piano  

  • APPEALING TONE – LAGRIMA digital piano with 88 fully weighted hammer action keys are heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, which simulates the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a wonderful playing experience!
  •  USB/MIDI – You can connect and interact with a wide variety of educational, music entertainment or other applications on a computer or Apple and Android devices. What’s more, this piano also can connect to external speaker which adds more fun for you!
  •  QUIET MODE – This 88 key piano with two headphone jacks, you will find it at the bottom of the piano (headphone is not included, headphone jack is 3.5 mm), so you don’t worry will disturb others’ relax when you are playing.
  •  Features-3 pedal system (soft / sustain / Sostenuto pedal), 128 Polyphony, to ensure the quality of your practice, and create a new experience in music and performance.
  •  Smart Teaching – Supports follow-up, stereo output and headphone jack can be used to listen through external speakers or the attached headphones, very suitable for beginners to learn music courses.

Overall, Lagrima as a brand is the better way to go if you are looking for something specific in a piano; they do not disappoint. They have so many different models that each one can be great for beginners, occasional players, and master piano players. There is not many things that cannot be fixed in each model. With such a short list of cons there is not a doubt that Lagrima is not near the best. They all have the same quality at a lower price. You also do not have to worry about size like everything else they have a size for any home. Most reviews are 5 star and for good reason a Lagrima piano is for you.

Information on Digital Piano Keyboards

Most pianos being sold now are digital pianos. Piano digital refers to a piano with electronics that you plug in. Digital pianos used to be analogue which was a direct representation of the piano sound using electrical wave forms. Everything has become digital which is a converted signal, using the boolean value or 0’s and 1’s to recreate the piano information. It’s amazingly technical. The minds that came up with analogue and digital were truly gifted.

Piano digital technology can aid in many ways. Headphones let students practice at high volumes at any time of day. Recording features fuel the creativity of musicians. The light weight of piano digital keyboards allow for bands and performers to transport their instruments easily. Digital pianos save money in maintenance costs.

These digital pianos are also more affordable and come with education software that let’s people who can’t afford an expensive piano or lessons to learn by themselves. Also, the quality in sound has improved so much it’s hard to tell the difference between a real piano and a piano digital. The keys now can even feel like a grand piano in just a small light weight digital piano made of plastic.

If you are trying to decide on going the digital piano route or the regular piano route, consider these mentioned benefits above. A grand piano is always a beautiful piece of furniture and looks great in a home, but if budget or space doesn’t allow for that, digital is a great way to go.

How to Find the Right lagrima piano

It can be overwhelming to find the best digital piano for your needs. There are so many different kinds of lagrima piano and all of them have many features. There are 3 basic things to consider when looking for the best lagrima digital piano for you when buying online; price, quality and sound.

Quality: When it comes to quality online, you should trust reliable brands and lagrima digital piano ratings in that order. When you consider a popular brand that has been around for a long time and then you see that the lagrima piano ratings are favorable, you should be able to feel safe about that product. Then, check the digital piano dealer’s guarantee or service policy about returns. Even the best digital piano companies have defects now and then.

Sound: It may be difficult to buy an acoustic piano online because each piano can sound slightly different. The good thing about buying a lagrima piano online is that all the digital pianos of a certain model will sound exactly like all the other lagrima pianos of that model. It may help to go to a reputable piano dealer and try out some digital pianos so you can hear them for yourself. The other way to go about it is Lagrima digital piano reviews. Read several reviews on different products to get the overall idea of the satisfaction of other customers.

Action (Digital Pianos)

It’s easier to explain what the piano action is in an acoustic piano before explaining lagrima piano action.

In an acoustic piano when you open the lid and look down into the piano you’ll see lots of parts and pins and hammers. The moving parts from pushing down the key to what hits the piano string is the “action.” Pictured below is the action to a grand piano. Upright pianos look slightly different and are structured more vertically.

Grand Piano Action

All those moving parts is affects the feel of pushing down the piano key. Since the acoustic piano set the standard of how a piano key should feel and is 400 years of refined technology, modern digital pianos are now being made to mimic that feel.

Digital pianos don’t have strings or piano hammers but there are springs levers and weights to give a lagrima piano the feel of an acoustic piano action. All those parts from a regular acoustic piano aren’t necessary in a  digital piano so smaller and less parts are placed to effeciently reproduce the feel of pushing a key on an acoustic piano. Below is a digital piano action.


What is a Sostenuto Pedal?

In music, sostenuto comes from Italian which means “sustained.” Sustained means the notes continue to sound.

A sostenuto pedal is usually the middle pedal found on a grand piano. But a sostenuto pedal can also be found on upright pianos and digital pianos.

When you push down the sostenuto pedal and play some keys at the same time, those keys will sustain and that allows future notes to be played with the sustained notes as long as the sostenuto pedal is pushed down.

Some upright pianos will have a sostenuto pedal that will only sustain the notes in the bass. Usually the middle pedal on an upright is a soft pedal or “mothers pedal.” When pushing down the soft pedal there is a felt strip that lowers between the hammers and strings of the piano creating a much quieter sound.

The sostenuto pedal should not be confused with the sustain pedal which sustains all notes as long as the sustain pedal is pressed. With a sostenuto pedal, only the notes pressed the same time as the pedal or just before are sustained. Any notes pushed after will not sustain even when the sostenuto pedal is still pushed down.

Damper Pedal

The damper pedal is used on pianos to sustain notes. What happens in an acoustic piano to get the sustained sound caused from a damper pedal is a muting and un-muting action.

Accross all the strings in the piano rest a small piece of felt connected to metal wires which sit on a metal rod that holds all the felt. Each piece of felt rests on a string. When you press a key the felt will rise up and when you let go of the key the felt will fall back onto the string dampening or stopping the vibration of the piano string.

When pressing down the damper pedal, also called the sustain pedal, all of the felt resting on the strings will rise up at the same time and will stay up as long as you have the damper pedal pushed down.

In a digital piano, the same idea takes place but it’s all electronic. When playing the digital piano you can push the damper pedal down to get sustain sounds. When you let off the damper pedal, the sound will stop.

We have several options of damper pedals available for you to choose from. Take your pick of low cost light weight damper pedals or get a nice 3 pedal set. If you have slippery floors like wood, tile or vinyl, you can get a non-slip damper pedal. This will make it easier to use to sustain your notes without the damper pedal moving around on the floor.

What are lagrima piano “Voices”?

“Voices” is also another word for “sounds.”

Further Explanation: Piano voices is what you will read on the specifications of lagrima piano features. You can replace “voices” with the word “sounds” or “instruments” if that makes more sense to you. Digital piano voices are also known as virtual piano voices. Virtual because it’s not the actual sound of the instrument but a digital sample or recording from the instrument.

You can have up to thousands of different voices in the digital piano. Some digital pianos give you the option to create your own custom voices.

Very basic digital pianos will have a piano voice as well as a few extras such as strings, organ, electric piano and harpsichord. Some of the higher level digital pianos will provide variations of drum kits and percussion, many variations of guitar, several organs and even sound effects.

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