Casio PX130 Privia review

Casio PX130 Privia review

The Casio PX130 Privia is regarded as a great digital piano for beginners due to its low cost, but this model is also one of the best choices for any session musician who is on a budget, or any piano player who is always on the road, thus requiring a fairly portable and lightweight instrument. Over the years Casio has evolved in the field of instrument manufacturing from the point when it was known for making only low quality, beginner/entry-level/children instruments to the present day where it is considered to be a decent competitor.

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A quick overview of the Casio PX130 Privia can offer potential buyers a general insight. This particular model has 88 Casio PX130 Privia

weighted, scaled hammer-action keys, 128-note polyphony, 16 tones (with layer and split), duet mode, for two simultaneous players, two headphone jacks, built-in metronome, and USB connectivity, all these specifications being everything one can expect from a $700 instrument except the fact that the Casio PX130 Privia costs just under $500, thus making it really popular and cost-effective.

Most players (classical or modern) that have used this digital piano agree that it feels and sounds just like an acoustic piano while being a lot easier to maintain. Another perk of this model is that it has a very elegant design, with just a few buttons and lights, thus making sure that no one (not even children) is distracted from its actual purpose: making quality music.

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The two headphone jacks are useful when having fun with a friend (as already stated, the Casio PX130 Privia has a duet function) or when you do not want to disturb anyone while practicing that most difficult old-school jazz solo. You can also connect the digital piano to a computer and take advantage of its midi-controller options, which give you unlimited possibilities regarding tones and effects.

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The only disadvantage of the Casio PX130 Privia is regarding the number of preset tones and voices, which cannot be compared with those of the high-quality synthesizers or more expensive digital pianos of other manufacturers, but nonetheless, the 16 tones are sufficient for regular players, Casio priding itself on quality and not quantity.

To sum up, the Casio PX130 Privia exceeds the expectations of its majority of users, is recommended for all piano players no matter their level. It is a versatile and cost-effective instrument that does not lack any of the required features of a live instrument.

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